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We are a licensed and bonded mortgage broker doing business for over a decade.  We are experienced in all segments of real estate lending. Our top two executives have over 50 years of continuous real estate lending experience. - Coast to Coast Lending Group Inc. is ready to lend. 

We serve long term investors, experienced borrowers that need money for purchase or refinancing,  licensed mortgage brokerages, and licensed Realtors. Trust Deed Investments available,   We work all counties throughout the State of California.

We lend to experienced borrowers.  Many make a business of finding properties at a discount, improving those properties and either selling them at a profit or a  cash flow rental investments. Our investors are paid out monthly as the borrowers make payments.


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Coast To Coast Lending Group inc. Trust Deed Investments


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  Coast to Coast Lending Group Inc.



Your California make sense private money source.  We fund in as little as 5 days.  Placing and high quality California trust deed investments.