High yield investing in first trust deeds

Trust deed investing might be one of the most effective, yet least known about investments available today. For the past 12 years Coast to Coast Lending  Group Inc. has been creating an educational hub to help guide the conversations between seasoned trust deed investors and those new to the idea.  We've seen trust deed investing benefit families and individuals for over a decade, and we strongly believe that investing in trust deeds can be one of the smartest ways to earn a reliable income.  As you might have guessed, trust deeds are not just our business but our passion as well.

To help you better understand why we’re passionate about what we do, we would like to share with you four benefits of trust deed investing:

1.  Income with the security of tangible real estate.  Investing in first trust deeds provides income with high yields on your investment dollar.  It can provide consistent monthly cash flow you can rely on.  If payments stop, the Investor recovers capital by foreclosing on the underlying valuable real estate.

2.  A local “backyard” investment.  Conventional lending guidelines have tightened, leading would-be borrowers to look elsewhere for funding. By becoming a backyard banker to these individuals, an investor provides solutions to local borrowers and can earn an above market rate of return on their investment. Investors just need to know where to look to find quality trust deeds. Often times, trust deeds can be found in your own neighborhood.  Using a licensed broker like us, Coast to Coast Lending Group will help you to locate local quality trust deeds that you may otherwise have never found.

3.  Consistent returns in an unpredictable market.  Trust deeds are 100% Wall Street free! Unlike the ups and downs of many investments, trust deeds are secured by real estate.  Couple consistency with on time monthly payments and it creates a very desirable investment in a market of uncertainty.

4.  Different investment options available to suit a variety of needs.  If you like to hand pick your investments, then direct trust deed investing may be right for you.  If you’re concerned that managing a portfolio of trust deeds will be time consuming, consider investing with Coast to Coast Lending Group Inc. for a hassle-free investment.


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Example of Private Money First Trust Deed

Victorville, California

Raw Land Purchase

Purchase transaction  date 11/4/2014

Purchase price $55,000

New Loan for $30,000

One Investor  ($30,000)

Loan paid investor 11% interest only note for 2 years with balloon 12/1/2016

Trust Deed Investor paid   $275.00 consistently per month

Note and Deed ballooned 12/1/2016

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"This is not an offer or solicitation to purchase securities.  As a potential investor you must have accredited investor qualifications.  We reserve the right to service those investors that qualify.  All investments, including real estate, are speculative in nature and involve substantial risk.  Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  Investments in trust deeds secured by one or more interests in real property are subject to risk of loss."